On set with @elyse.knowles talking all about the launch of her new book ‘From Me To You’. Congratulations you inspiring, hardworking, beautiful soul x


————————————————————————— ’From Me To You, is an intimate collection of stories from my upbringing, my school days, my entrance into the modelling world and a bunch of my personal thoughts & notes on everything from health, happiness, confidence, careers, travel and of course fashion & beauty. It’s time to share with you all, everything I’ve learned over the past 26 years. There is a lot to tell!’ ——————————————
On location with an amazing team!
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This is my message to every single one of you! A message from my heart, to your heart. This is going to remain my message forever now because it’s printed inside my book — which comes out TODAY!!!!! As of today, you can head into your local bookstores and find a copy of From Me To You. If you can’t find it, don’t stress – the legends at Booktopia will sort you out! The production of this book has been an almighty journey and I couldn’t be more thrilled or excited that today I can share it with everyone.

I’ve written a few blogs over the last few months to explain the reason I chose to write this book & what I hope to achieve with it. In the simplest terms, I chose to write it because I want YOU to remember how insanely incredible you are. You are unique and that is powerful. You are deserving and that is a fact. You are alive and that is exciting!! It’s a privilege to be part of this amazing world so remember that in order to make every single day GREAT, you need to dig deep and find happiness, respect and comfort within.

I want every single girl & woman to wake up in the morning feeling as though they are as brilliant as those around you know you are. I want everyone to have courage, confidence and ambition. I hope that my book sits on your nightstand & enables you to find guidance when you need it & a smile when you feel like wearing one. I’ve tried to squish in as much of me & my own learnings and experiences as humanly possible!!

I suppose this book is something I wish I had at different points of my life (and still today!) … Just in those moments where we need to remind ourselves that we are never alone. Because we are not. We are all in this life together and I have your back, like I know you’ve had mine.

It might be my face on the cover but my face would not be there if it wasn’t for YOUR love, YOUR support, YOUR encouragement and the beauty that lies inside YOUR head and YOUR heart. It’s time I return the favour. So guys, here we have it. A little bit of my heart, my head, my past, my future, my family, my loves, my fears, my strengths, my friends, my inspirations, my dreams … my everything. From Me To You.

Enjoy! xx” – Elyse Knowles

Thank you!

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