J’Aton x Jaggad:
Cover Image: Ed Purnomo
Words: Anna Byrne, Herald Sun

USUALLY reserved for red-carpet celebrities and brides, J’Aton Couture are taking their designs to the masses in an Australian-first collaboration with active wear label Jaggad.

The athletic brand, which is owned by former AFL players Chris Judd and Steven Greene, along with their wives Rebecca Judd and Michelle Greene, is getting a designer makeover tomorrow with the long-awaited capsule collection of pieces designed by Melbourne duo, Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino going on sale.

Renowned for dressing A-listers including Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Ellie Goulding and Margot Robbie, and sought out by brides for their textile techniques that make women appear slimmer in their gowns, the collection will include nine pieces and incorporate khaki green, rose gold, mesh detailing and feature J’Aton’s signature panelling.

Rebecca Judd, who famously catapulted the couturiers to celebrity status after wearing a J’Aton dress to her New Year’s Eve wedding in 2010 said they were the perfect fit for the fashionable fitness label.

“J’Aton has always been associated with high end luxury and cutting edge designs,” Judd said.

“They have the ability to transform the female body in a garment and Jaggad active wear represents this same theory.

“I think what women will love most about the range is the lines and shapes that work to both accentuate or disguise certain parts of the body. The range gives women confidence knowing they are supported by apparel that concentrates on them looking and feeling their best”

Pittorino said it was important for the dynamic designers to share their signature style with everyday consumers.

“As it stands now, unless it is a garment for a special occasion, clients feel they cannot be associated with our brand,” he said.

This new range allows for J’Aton to be a part of their daily lifestyle and allows for new clients that don’t require couture but have admired our brand from afar to be a part of our world and unfolding journey.”

The exclusive collection, which includes racer-back singlets, crop tops, muscle tanks, shorts, leggings and panelled jackets, ranges in price from $79.95 to $159.95 and will be available online, in Jaggad stores and extended local retailer boutiques, from tomorrow, November 10th 2016.

Cover Image: Ed Purnomo
Words: Anna Byrne, Herald Sun

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