A video to empower women to believe in themselves.
Sometimes we need a little reminder from our younger selves that we can do it.

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl?

That’s the premise for a moving new video from the Fernwood Fitness women’s gyms around Australia, in which the club asked 50 girls between the ages of three and 12 if they’ve ever been told they ‘can’t’ do something, simply because they are a girl.

While the video is quite moving, the girls’ answers are totally inspirational.

At the beginning of the brief clip, the girls featured in the experiment introduce themselves, clearly stating their names and ages.They are then asked whether they’ve ever been told they’re not fit for doing what they want to do, simply because they’re female. ‘Yes’, ‘Yeah’, and ‘Hmm, some of the boys at school’ are just some of the answers given by the young girls, as the clip illustrates that the gender divide is still an issue whether you’re young or old.

When pressed on what they’ve been told they can’t do, the girls’ answers are similarly uniform with their responses. The likes of football, scoring goals, hockey, ‘doing tricks on the trampoline’ and playing video games all feature, as one of the girls, Evie-Lee, 7, says:
‘Boys can do hockey, and girls can do hockey.’

However, their responses to such negative attitudes are what makes the video so inspiring.
‘I do what people tell me that I can’t do and I prove them wrong,’ one of the girls, Isabella, says.
‘I believe that all girls can do the same things that boys can do,’ says 12-year-old, Stephanie.
The clip has so far been shared by Fernwood Fitness and others on Facebook, where it has had a resoundingly positive reaction from the public. ‘Excellent work girls, and Fernwood,’ one person writes, while another simply says: ‘Girls RULE’.

Extract from: The Daily Mail

Also featured on The Huffington Post

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