LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-6800LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-7713LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-7182LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-7798     LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-8191LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-7516LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-8346LisaFrieling_LWA_ElyseKnowles2015-7582

With the fast car spectacular, better known as 2015 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix upon us, we figured it’d be only be polite to supply you with this edition of ‘Tuesday Without’ with the Official Female Ambassador of the event, better known as Elyse Knowles.

So dispense with all your pre determined views of Australian motorsports and step into the scene before you, as the game has changed. It aint no scrub, it’s an adrenalin-fuelled pursuit built on speed, innovation, technology, luxury. Come take part in the aspirational life of the Formula One. To see the full gallery of Tuesday’s Without Babe Elyse Knowles head to Life Without Andy x

Talent – Elyse Knowles @elyseknowlzy Official Ambassador – Australian Grand Prix @AUSGP Photography – Lisa Frieling @lisalouise Assisting @kimberley Liddle H&MU – Make Up With Me Styling – Lana Wilkinson @lanawilkinson Location – Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Thank you!

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