IT’S LIVE! An absolute pleasure to be involved in this wonderful project. Please head to GEHRICH’s crowdfunding campaign to see what this Melbourne based company is all about.

Film – Lisa Frieling // Assistant  – Chris Wurm // Music – Anthony Ramadge


Considered Design

Each GEHRICH piece is an original design led by our designer and co-founder, Samantha Gehrich. Our designs are considered in both form and function, with a strong focus on creating timeless styles that make you look and feel exceptional.

Quality & Materials

We love natural fibres! And we try to use them in everything we do. If you like exceptional quality and luxury then you will love and appreciate the quality we put into each and every GEHRICH piece.

Sustainable Collections

We believe in the theory that less is more and we champion quality over quantity. Collection sizes and production numbers are purposely limited by us in order to create a more exclusive and sustainable brand.

Ethical Operation

At GEHRICH we are dedicated to operating in an ethical and socially responsible way, We choose to manufacture the majority of our pieces in Australia and support local industry wherever possible.


We won’t sell you a fantasy. We live, work and play in the real world. We value courtesy and like our customers, we expect responses to questions, assistance with a problem and transparency where it counts. To contribute, please visit Gehrich’s Crowdfunding Page here.

Thank you!

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