lisafrieling2014_Brownlow_onscreen-146Lana Wilkinson – “The Australian Footaball League’s Brownlow Medal is one of my biggest styling events of the year. Not only because I tend to take on more than one girl, but because it is a feast for the eyes for the media and public. In terms of being a stylist for red carpet events, often people think my job is to get the shoes and bag. However in terms of what goes on behind the scenes it could not be further from the truth. The first thing I do is work out what designer is best going to suit my client. If I’ve spotted something during fashion week, I’ll try and get my hands on it before it becomes available to consumers. If the dress is being custom made, my client and I discuss direction, fabrication and begin the creative process. It’s then over to the designer to work their magic. And the look doesn’t finish there. I have a hair and make up team that I collaboratively work with and we discuss the look we wish to achieve. I then source multiple jewellery and accessory options and we’ll piece the look together. It really is a team effort. Some of my girls are fashion forward in their own right, so it’s great to work through the process together, challenge and push each other’s ideas.

This year I was fortunate to work with designers Paolo Sebastian, Alex Perry, Sonia Cappellazzo, Silvana Tedesco, Julie Simonelli and emerging designer Anthony Montesano of Signor Mont Couture. Working again with Jordan Papalia, Alex Davis, Erin Maxwell and Ruby Keddie was great and having worked together before, we were a well oiled machine. I did add Hayley Adcock, Rebeccah Panozza and presenter Emma Davenport, who was reporting live from the red carpet for Triple M Football.

Pulling together six looks and one presenter could not have been possible without my amazing team – who I would be lost without. Special mention goes out to Madeline Forbes and Hannah Stapleton. Finally, a stylist is only as good as the creatives around her . My Brownlow team for hair included Angie Dimitrou of BODA Haircutters, Jess Lewis and Marie Uva of Uva Salon. And for make up, the fabulous Jade Kisnorbo & Kylie O’Toole.

Until next year…”

For more Behind The Scenes Action //
Music // Anthony Ramadge Image // John E Photography

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