Melbourne’s very own Willow have established a sound for themselves that can be described as warm soul pop. Led by Kieran Daly (guitar) and Bianca Sciuto (vocals) Their sound is reminiscent of the music soulful divas made in the late 60′s and early 70′s mixed within range to Australia’s contemporary female singer songwriters. Vocal pop melodies shimmer through the sound of jangly guitars and expressive keys provided by one of Melbourne’s most talented backing bands. The release of Willow’s ‘No Sound’ already has taste makers singing the groups praise and with their debut show’s opening for Daniel Merriweather at the Corner Hotel, supporting Patrick James’ single launch tour and selling out their own single launch earlier in the year .. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from this group.

Thank you to Cactus Country for allowing us to film in this incredible location! Australias largest cactus garden is a great tourist destination and a must see for any plant enthusiast. A huge Cactus and Succulent Garden with many plants for sale and a Cactus Cafe serving Melbourne style coffee and our famous Cactus Cake. Video and Photos by Lisa Frieling.

Thank you!

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