Dear Friends, we would love to formally invite you to Kimberley Liddle’s Debut solo show ‘Dreaming Awake’. Exhibiting at the Kings ARI Gallery tomorrow night Friday, 19th of October. Please come down for a few wines and see this amazing installation to support this young but extremely talented artist xo

Dreaming awake is a mixed media installation exploring our sense of identity under the subconscious influence of western culture. Kimberley Liddle explores the raw construction of ones personality by questioning; the effects of western culture on our growth as individuals, how we develop certain personality traits, are we manifestations of external influences? By deconstructing the subconscious to discover the origins of oneself, one must listen and respond to the secrets seeping through the bars of consciousness.

Dreaming Awake invites viewers to journey with the subjects as they discover their true selves from within the multifaceted nature of their psyche.









Thank you!

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