Folio Proposal – TIM!

collaborative proposal for final semester folio: Lisa and Kathryn 

aim: to show the many sides of tim something something

technique: 360 panaroma view of tim doing things

budget: printing life size prints of tim doing things

view: must be standing in the centre of the room so you can spin around and view tim 360 times

music: tim speaking about profiles, exposure and how to focus (slow/soft and enhances the art installation)

sequential of tim doing things, daily activities include printing, eating chilli, drinking beers, wacom pen holding, swinging keys,

Location: 85 s/m by 85 s/m rounded room, unsure of location. may be built depending on budget and sponsors

viewing location: heater in the middle of the room, also acts as chair but signifies tims relationship with the earth and the warmth of rag photographique paper tim supplies for the students of psc (its okay, adi will also feature behind the scenes)

inspiration: through  many difficult times, tim has always been there to help and this would be a dedication to the life of tim that we can all appreciate


Thank you!

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