Thank You, Karlergy

Love. As the chief motivator of human behavior, it is the undisputed king of emotion. it towers over lesser feelings, such as pity, or that sad-ass little emotion we call joy..

Throughout history, the emphemeral power of love has inspired the worlds greatest artists: alessandro boticelli, william shakespeare, emily dickinson, edgar allen poe, and of course Prince ..

As grand and glorious as love is, it is not without its perils. anyone who has felt the cruel pangs of rejection knows that love is best approached cautiously, as one would appraoch an angry, cornered brush tailed possum.

Yes, before throwing yourself into a relationship, its wise to buy a sturdy pair of leather gloves and to be extra careful of loves front claws and rows of needle-sharp teeth. If possible, use a partner to distract love and vert quickly move behind it, grasp its prehensiles tail (carefully!), pop it in to a canvas bag, and, quick as you can, yank close the drawstrings – metaphphorically speaking.

Perhaps worse than the pain of rejection is the emotional death one suffers when good love goes bad. Sometimes despite their best efforts, a couple simply grow apart…

Nothing in life compares to the pain of being thrown over by the one you love. Tragically, there is little you can do to ease the pain, short of getting drunk on Boone’s Farm Country Kwnecher, punching a parking meter till your knuckles bleed, and calling your ex at 4.00 in the morning .. whoever said “it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”?

Thank you!

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